“I appreciate their work which was missing for centuries, and hope that it will further help cultivate & trace Indian civilization in depth.

It is a wonderful film & I want that it should be seen by each & every Indian so that they know what the essence of Indian religion is. Because today’s Indians have lost touch with their religion. It beautifully gives little peep into the vastness of Indian religion.”

Yogacharya Shri BKS Iyenger, Pune

Padma Vibhushan

“I’ve never seen something so comprehensive. Something which is so far reaching, sweeping, deeply researched, extremely well-produced.

Typically the archaeologists only talk about the outer and the so-called religious people will talk about the inner… but this is a remarkable contribution, I congratulate the people who put in many many years of tapas, they’ve really worked hard, I can tell from this video.“

Rajiv Malhotra – Indian American Scholar

The work on film about yoga and its history is to my knowledge one of its kind in the world. In my long years I have not come across such a meticulously researched work on Yoga. It is difficult to imagine what an immense time, energy and effort these people have put in to create this magnificent documentary. I congratulate both the film makers on their remarkable work. The scholars who have spoken in the film are authority in their fields and many of them I have interacted with during the course of my career. The selection of the scholars by Ramji & Deepika for the film will go a long way in authentically putting forth this document.

It is my firm belief that this work will find accolades in India and around the world as you know Yoga has become very popular. I recommend this film for all schools, colleges and educational Institutions to give them first hand exposure of India’s heritage and wisdom. Once again I congratulate and bless the young team.

T N Chaturvedi Padma Vibhushan, Governor of Karnataka

Ex- Comptroller & Auditor General of India

It’s a great effort, both as a film and as a story. Very well written script, superb visuals, very credible interviews and expert anchoring and commentary by Mr Ramji. This film needs to be seen by every Indian school/college student. I am sure every one will enjoy it for its breath-taking photography and convincing idiom.

I congratulate both of you for thinking about this and to muster the courage to undertake it. The only analogy is that of Bhagirath.

Satyananda Mishra Ex-Chief Information Commissioner, Government of India

It is such a precious film! So rich and marvellous with regard to the historical and spiritual background of yoga and also so beautifully made. I shall see it again and again to go deeper and deeper. It is almost impossible to understand it immediately as it is so intense and encompassing. I feel so very grateful that your precious documentary has found its way from India to my home and to my heart. Thank you!

Michaela Boesenberg Germany

I was virtually overwhelmed after viewing the film. You deserve all kudos for so meticulously researching the topic and arranging the various parts so artistically and innovatively.

It is the characteristic of a good communication that its beginning is “attractive” and its end “impressive”. This film fulfils this criterion so well.

Yogesh Atal, Former Principal Director of UNESCO, India

“I watched the film History of Yoga and enjoyed and benefitted from it. The producers have spared no effort to authentically document the History of Yoga through ages. Apart from being an artistically superb product, this documentary also gives the message implicit in the philosophy of Yoga, that of leading a purposeful life in accordance with the values imbibed in our ancient culture. I do hope many more people will see this documentary to realize what a wonderful legacy we have inherited, and will try to live up to these ideals.

V.S. Vyas, Padma Bhushan

Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Board of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Ex-

Director, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

We’ve watch the movie! It’s fantastic! So well done ! Our students were totally blown away and inspired by it. We all learnt a looooot from one movie, unbelievable! We will watch it again and I believe we will learn more and going in deeper.
Belle, Quindao, China

At the outset, please accept our heartiest congratulations for an excellent film that you have made on “History of Yoga”. It must have been a Herculean task to undertake this mammoth project. It is not just a research study but you have been able to gather very valuable information with remarkable photography. The commentary was very effective & so as the script. It requires considerable amount of concentration & passion.

The film is most appropriate to be screened at the U.N. office before the Heads of the Nation. You must explore all the possibilities through Mr. Dalveer Bhandari, (Judge International Court of Justice) to reach to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

These are just some of the ideas which I feel can provide a new dimension to this very well done and highly commendable film.

Ashok Bapna, Advisor & Member, State Planning Board, Govt.of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Congratulations to both of you for achieving a magnificent feat. Posterity will be grateful to you for collating and compiling such an interesting saga of yoga. Your efforts and contribution, I am sure , will receive appreciation and accolades from all discerning and knowledgeable circles.

Our very best wishes for grand success and the Mahayagya !!

C S Lodha, Senior Advocate

I take this opportunity to congratulate both of you for doing this outstanding work. I found it very interesting, informative and inculcating the sense of pride in us. I feel if the history of Yoga also would have dealt with its scientific developments of Yoga in historical perspective.

Bala Prasad Jt . sect., Ministry of Health & FP, GOI, Head, Deptt., of Ayurveda, Yoga,

Naturopathy, Unani & Siddha

First let me congratulate you on your brilliant and painstaking effort on completion of a difficult and perhaps daunting project. I have marveled at the vast field you have been able to cover both in time as well as geographical spread. My best wishes and congratulations once again.

JP Sancheti Industrialist, CA

I have seen your film in Delhi. It has been very unfortunate for me to see that it was not subtitled (I am Italian). I think that it would have a great success in the rest of the world if you could translate and subtitle it. Are you going to produce a translated and subtitled version? In any case I would like to purchase a copy of the movie; how can I get a DVD from you?

Thank you so much for the incredible work, effort and fortunate project, my most sincere congratulations. With so much material you must have, why don’t you even produce an illustrated book?

Grateful for your kind attention, with regards,

Alessandra, Italy, Italian present at the show-