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Upcoming film “Indian Civilization – it’s Continuities & Change”


Yoga is a unique gift to humankind by the ancestors of Indians. Yoga is the signature of Bharat (India). The Philosophy (Darshan) of Yoga very well defines her identity. Based on yogic philosophy, the Indian civilization flourished and continues till today. The aspiration for highest conduct (Acharan) and purification of body and Atman has been the core inspiration for Indians over the ages. And these are the first steps of Yoga. The origin and evolution of Yoga blossomed within the boundaries of India’s cultural expanse.

The unique features of Indian civilization are:

  • It has always believed in the principles of Satya (Truth) & Rita (cosmic order)
  • India never attacked any country to impose her ideology or for expansion
  • India is the most diverse & plural nation in culture, religion & languages
  • Only country to embrace different people who got persecuted from their homeland
  • India’s continuity of culture, traditions & knowledge systems have remained unbroken for thousands of years.

With these prideful practices & accomplishments over several centuries the nation India today is struggling for its own identity. In spite of her economic development, the country’s national will & confidence of the people is fragmented & visibly shaken. The motivation for collective progress and cohesive response towards unity in diversity needs to be addressed to move forward.

We are making a film on “Indian Civilization – its continuities & Change” to address these issues with extensive research and documentation.

The need for Change

For centuries the Identity of the nation was continuously & sophisticatedly attacked from the outside &inside. The image & progress of India was thus tarnished and hampered. Today in the times of right branding, projection and trust-building, India’s economic growth is adversely affected. The Indian brands are denigrated and the culture is under attack.

There is an urgent need to let the world and Indians know:

  • What has been the identity & a position of India for thousands of years?
  • Why the great nation was broken several times? Why Indians never learned the lessons from History?
  • Why the western world is continuously exploiting our ancient knowledge systems without due credit?
  • And what went wrong that the most powerful country of the world reduced to this dismal situation today?

The fact is that many big economic powers like China & Japan are investing hugely on the study & projection of their civilization to improve their national identity and in turn to improve their brands globally. But India, on the other hand, has invested very little in this area.

On the contrary, few corporates are investing enormously to their alumni foreign Institutions and scholars who are of the opinion/mindset that ‘there is no Indian culture or people that exist as a stable singular entity’.

Also there is a targeted approach by scholars of western mindset to influence & confuse the minds of educated Indians about their collective Indian identity, social & cultural traditions by disproportionately highlighting some of the flaws in the Indian society. Do Indians lack the wisdom and mechanism to self-correct the system?

Where has the collective National consciousness disappeared to counter such rising forces? Is it because Indians are thought to be lazy, coward, careless, self-centered, short-sighted, unaware of national or global politics of the minds? or they are utterly confused regarding their national vision, mission, Identity& strength?

How can Indians get together for a National Mission to become a powerful economic and cultural strength of the world?

The answer lies in exploring this; in the words of Maithili SharanGupt’s poem BharatBharti-

“हम कौन थे, क्या हो गए हैं और क्या होंगे अभी,
आओ विचारें आज मिलकर ये समस्याएँ सभी ”

“Who were we, what have we become and what we will be,
Come, let’s think today these concerns together.”

The Project

We are making a documentary film and subsequently 10 episodes to bring awareness about India’s rich and diverse knowledge heritage and its valuable use in modern times.

Key points to regain-

  • The identity of a cultural nation
  • The lost self-respect & confidence that we are the biggest contributor to the world’s cultural diversity
  • The knowledge about factors responsible for sustainance & survival of the world’s oldest & richest civilization
  • The stregnth to defend the Dharmic nature of civilization
  • The wisdom to containthe growing global consumerism

For outsiders and foreigners this film will be a comprehensive impression of India and a gateway to understand the country, her greatness, diversity, and strength.

The Film and Episodes

Rather than only romanticizing the glorious past the film will focus on why there is a renewed western interest in the ancient Indian knowledge and sciences especially in the fields of Physics, Neuroscience, Ayurveda, Medicine, Yoga, Mind-body relation & Sanskrit.

Many Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Neuroscientists, Psychologists, Language Experts have written and stated how they got inspiration, ideas, and clues from Ancient Indian knowledge and how it effectively helped them in their endeavors. Where is the credit?

It is also important to see why within India this knowledge has not effectively motivated modern time innovations, novelties, and creativity. To seek for answers is the journey of this film.

Indian Civilization (IC) is established as the only ancient civilization on earth which has been living continuously for thousands of years. This film will bring out key features & major highlights of this continuity till today. Also to look into the reasons & benefits of this continuity for Humanity and life on planet.

A Comparison will be unveiled why all other major civilizations of the world died whereas the Indian Civilization continued to thrive time and again over several centuries.

The nurturing roots of Indian philosophy will be examined which were responsible for the landmark achievements in the field of Sciences, Arts, Architecture & philosophies, etc. Reasons for the decline of Indian science and knowledge systems and its impact on today’s scenario will also be examined.

Film Crew is visiting hundreds of locations across the Indian subcontinent for authentic documentation. We will bring rare visuals from interior parts of India and Central Asia, Southeast Asian countries and more where the remains of ancient India still shines.

The visuals on India’s cultural heritage, it’s meaning and hidden knowledge will create interest & give new vision & ideas.

The present generation of Indians are quite ignorant about the achievements of their Ancestors, the film will bring to center the core issues of great national importance and pride.

The Cultural Heritage and Spiritual wisdom of India has never been documented authentically on film media for mass communication. Vishuddhi films has taken up this unprecedented task of making films on various topics of this great civilization over the ages in the most lucid and entertaining way.

Sponsors : Desh Apapnayen Sahyog Foundation, Mumbai

Scholars, Advisers & Experts

  1. Prof Dayanand Bhargava
  2. Dr Ramachandran Nagaswamy
  3. Yogacharya BKS Iyengar
  4. Sri Rajeswaranand ji
  5. Sri Morari Bapu
  6. Prof Ananta Sharma
  7. Dr Devangana Desai
  8. Prof Abhiraj Rajendra Mishra
  9. Prof Radha Vallabh Tripathi
  10. Prof Makkhan Lal
  11. Dr V S Ramachandran
  12. Shri Rajiv Malhotra
  13. Shri Vallabh Bhanshali
  14. Dr Koenraad Elst
  15. Dr Vasant S Shinde
  16. Dr Sunthar Visuvalingam
  17. Dr Meenakshi Jain
  18. Shri Ramesh Thanvi